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It is the right choice!
It is the right choice !
Welcom to Hostel RouaDeMunte!
Welcom to Hostel RouaDeMunte !

Hostel RouaDeMunte|Baile Herculane|Romania

To ensure a wonderful holiday in Romanian Herculane (SPA) ,spend 2 minutes on our travel  website:
Hostel  RouaDeMunte   (Mountain Dew)
here you can find a lot of information about Herculane-SPA and Hostel RouaDeMunte (Mountain Dew).
The Hostel is classified in category 3 stars and put at your disposal 7 rooms, all equipped according to EU standards.
GPS Coordinates:
Latitude 44°51′ 58.82″N – Longitude 22°24′ 24.73″E (City)
The resort is for recreation and treatment opportunities, sulphurous thermal baths and salt,can organize trips in the mountains (Peak Domogled)
To convince these features please visit us to Herculane -SPA ,Romania and booking Hostel RouaDeMunte(Mounrtain Dew).
Who – is RouaDeMunte.?
What – offer RouaDeMunte..?
Where-is your geographic area.?
When -is time for RouaDeMunte.?
And Why- choose RouaDeMunte..?.
To all those questions,find answers in my travel website:
Hostel RouaDeMunte (Mountain dew)
Thank you and you’re welcome!

Let’s see well!


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