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Pensiunea Roua de Munte

Latitude 44°51’58.82″N – Longitude 22°24′ 24.37″E (City)
Accommodation in Herculane Spa, Romania
Hostel ” Mountain Dew” (RouaDeMunte)
Hostel ” Mountain Dew„, Baile Herculane is situated in a quiet area with a beautiful landscape and offers oasis of relaxation and serenity that you need at any time of year.
The Hostel is classified in category 3 stars and put at your disposal 7 rooms, all equipped according to EU standards.
Hostel „Mountain Dew” it owns in the front terrace where you can serv in a quiet glass of wine, beer or tuica home.
Also in the back of the Hostel, you have a yard around 800mp with a superb for mountain Domogled included in Cerna Valley National Park.
Court Hostel provides you:
– a summer terrace
– Turret
– Barbecue
-swimming pool, SPA (hot season)
-table tennis,darts,train with tennis leg, volleyball
-playground for children.
Hoping that these facilities will urges to step threshold, we’re welcome and try to offer a holiday as your expectations.

Hostel to Romania
GuestHouse to Romania

Reservari information:

Contact : Tudor and Denisia

Mobile: 0723425858; 0723769089 ; 0770389679

Tel :0255/561 561 Fax : 0355 – 810512

e-mail: ;

Y!mess : tudor662003

Skype: xtudorica

Thank you and waiting for you!


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